Schism & Earth: The Practice of Psychological Relocation

The example I'm about to give is based on land grabbing practices.  We see this historically all over the world and there was none worse than the hundreds of millions of Native Americans who were either massacred or captured to disrupt their relationship with the land.  And place based practices are the power monger's worst nightmare. ... Continue Reading →


Spending Power: How Generosity can Topple a System

You're sitting at the house and you're bored.  The first thing you think of is going to the store or the mall: do some shopping.  Sometimes our supposed leaders tell us shopping is an act of patriotism so we're supposed to feel good about spending money on all that stuff.  But there's more to this... Continue Reading →

Debut Post: Think Horizontal Goes Live

Imagine a blog where the worms and ants dialogue with giants and dragons.  Suppose there is a place on planet Earth seeking to devise the meltdown of a destructive  society.  And not by playing the game with those same destructive rules, but, instead, to create new rules, to think outside the walls that make us... Continue Reading →

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