About Thinking Horizontal

IMG_3579“Think Horizontal” is an ambitious little blog.  It will challenge your perspective on hierarchy.  Continue to read if you are ready to purge all aspects of domination, power, and competition.  You will find posts that deconstruct religion, governments, economics, society, culture, community, etc., etc.  “Think Horizontal” takes the macro and reduces it to the micro, placing power in a horizontal fashion across the masses.  If you are ready to restructure the way you live your life and confront the people around you (as you will learn skills to challenge others), then you are in the right place.

IMG_3580You are invited to dialogue with other participants but your posts will be moderated so please be respectful as you challenge someone else’s thoughts.  There are a million ways to say something.  Intelligent people can make their point without reducing themselves to mud slinging children.   We are all mature and educated adults here.

The moderator, ultimately, seeks to help individuals reach a place of self-healing.  Meaning, the only way to attain complete healing is to be proactive in your own development and not a passive participant.  Through love you learn compassion and through compassion you learn generosity (reciprocity without expectations) and through generosity you begin to heal spiritually, intellectually, and physically.

IMG_3581We live in a world constantly damaging our minds, bodies, and spirits.  To navigate this physical space without coercion is to exist in a constant state of healing.  To live without coercion is to exercise your freedom as a sovereign being.  You are the summation of all your positive and negative actions, thoughts, and intent.  If you are not ready to be accountable for the positive and negative choices you make in your daily life, then you will not want to read further.


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