Debut Post: Think Horizontal Goes Live

Imagine a blog where the worms and ants dialogue with giants and dragons.  Suppose there is a place on planet Earth seeking to devise the meltdown of a destructive  society.  And not by playing the game with those same destructive rules, but, instead, to create new rules, to think outside the walls that make us comfortable in this box.  Imagine a place.


Now let’s create it.  “Think Horizontal” is a blog meant to create discourse specifically about what is a vertical power structure and how to bend this beast into a horizontal power structure, meaning to equalize the system.  This is not something that happens with leaders or individuals who gave themselves the title of leader, most of whom I wouldn’t follow if my life depended on it, but this is something that happens when 51% of the collective picks up their heads and says it’s time to move the herd.

Horizontal power dynamics exist in every species on this planet, and at one time it existed in the Indigenous communities across the globe.  But too many of us have forgotten:  We are all Indigenous and were tribal at one point in the long line of creation.   There are valuable instructions in out tribal past, no matter how distant that may be for some of us.  These instruction have not vanished.  They exist inside the ecosystem outside your front door.  All you have to do is go outside, lift year head, and tell yourself, “it’s time to move.”


10 thoughts on “Debut Post: Think Horizontal Goes Live

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  1. There has alway been stratification, of society and it is a reality, in nature. The strongest dominate and perpetuate the species. I agree with the objective and it is the stated intention of most politicians. Getting past the natural instinctive attributes of humans is a huge obstacle

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    1. I pause when we think there is a “natural” way in which humans operate. To make distinctions so myopic looks like a distortion of naturalism. Without getting into the nature verse nurture debate, historically humans have existed without hierarchy. We’re fed to look at the natural world through one lens, big fish eat little fish, even Darwin argued we function more through cooperation than through competition. If cooperation is our primary method of interacting with one another then it would possible to consider that “the strongest don’t dominate and perpetuate the species” but the most cooperative do. Sometimes we’re so imbedded in the ideology fed to us by every day media it’s difficult to see the walls that keep us bound in this box.

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    2. In his most famous work, The Descent of Man, Darwin states, “In however complex a manner this feeling may have originated, as it is one of high importance to all those animals which aid and defend one another, it will have been increased through natural selection; for those communities, which included the greatest number of the most sympathetic members, would flourish best, and rear the greatest number of offspring.”

      Cooperation perpetuates the species, the most sympathetic.

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      1. Too true. The crux. So many unsympathetic folks on this planet. It seems we’ve created a system where the sympathetic and cooperative propagate the species but only to make slaves for the system. If we can only get the silent majority to realize they don’t have to be slaves.

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      2. I’m doing my best to over-come the appetites of my indoctrinated wretched self and for that I’m solely responsible if others are curious or somehow helped by that endeavor all the better

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      3. Same here. It’s a process. One of the remaining vestiges for me is elitism. I can swing my degrees like a battle axe, along with my intellect. I have to humble myself and remember the impoverished environment I came from. Here’s to change: cheers.

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